Learn to live fearlessly, authentically, and powerfully in the world.

Become more of who YOU are.

Exclusive 4-Week Online LIVE Program

Starting Jan 2019

Dare To Be Me™ is a program for high-performers, creatives, coaches and leaders. It is a program for people just like you who are ready to up-level their lives.

Together we explore the power of SELF-MASTERY so that you can tap into your own wisdom, be guided by your own inner compass, and be activated by your own sense of responsibility.

Imagine having unshakable power being an authentic version of yourself instead of being a duplicate of someone else!


  • For too long you have been living as a fraction of who you really are.

  • You have followed the status quo; you have done what others wanted or expected you to do.

  • You have made decisions that were safe but were inconsistent with your truth.

  • You stayed in unfulfilling relationships and you stayed in unrewarding jobs.

  • You smiled “yes” when your heart screamed “no”.

  • You followed a faith tradition that left you doubting and discouraged.

  • You lost yourself and you lost your ability to live courageously, authentically and fully.

Dare To Me is not just an online class. Why? Classes really don’t transform lives; experiences do. That’s why we have designed something special and unique that allows you to learn and apply your learning in a community of like-minded people.

This life-changing program will focus on mastering the power of:









During 4 live online sessions from the comfort of your home (we’ll alternate days to ensure that everybody has an opportunity to participate in a live training) you will gain:

  • A deeper clarity about your “stories” and the narratives that influence your decisions.

  • A deeper understanding about why you were born so that you can step out of uncertainty and step into your purpose.

  • A deeper awareness about your unique S.H.A.P.E. that influences your purpose

  • A greater commitment to walk in courage so that you can pursue your dreams, speak your truth and live your life.

  • A greater sense of your talents and gifts so that you can move more confidently in the world.

  • A deeper understanding about the power of healing and the power of emotional release.

  • A greater understanding of your past so that you can release self-sabotaging patterns and create new beliefs and behaviors that support you.

  • A clearer understanding of the importance of relationships so you can up-level your connections to maximize your life.

  • A greater awareness of where you are over-giving and over-doing so that you can create more balance in your life.

  • A customized action plan that supports your goals and works for your life.

  • Connection with like-minded people who are on the same life-enriching journey.

  • A stronger commitment to turn advice into action and let time-tested wisdom help you win.


You've waited too long to do this.

For just $795, it's time to reclaim your life!


It’s time for YOU to be who you really are so that you can enjoy your life!

It’s time for a change!

It’s time for new beginning!

It’s time to Soar!

It’s time for you to join Dare to Be Me™!


4 Live Training Sessions:

  • You will receive information, tactics and strategies that you can apply to your own unique personal life situation and experiences.

  • Every session will give you an opportunity to ask questions so that you can integrate the learning immediately in your life.

  • You will also receive a recording of each session.

  • Dates: Will be posted in mid October 2018.

Digital Handbook of the course:

You will receive worksheets and other great resources so that you can quickly review, and reference key concepts and practices shared during each session.

Guided Exercises and Reflection Questions:

Each session is accompanied by a set of exercises and reflection questions designed to support you in truly integrating this process and new behaviors in your life.

Weekly Motivational Moments:

You will review nuggets throughout the week to keep you inspired, encouraged and revved up so that you don’t lose momentum.

Exclusive access to our private online community:

Engage online with other like-minded people in a supportive and transformation community.  As you go through the course, you will be able to gather and connect with other women to share your breakthroughs and insights and support each other in applying the principles and teachings to your life.

A FREE PDF copy of “I Have Learned A Few Things”:

High-performing successful people need support. “I Have Learned A Few Things” provides insight and wisdom from my experiences as a life strategist. I combine over 20 years of experience and insight from working with leaders, visionaries, business owners and parents. This book will supplement the class and contain reflection questions to stimulate awareness and growth.

Follow-up Support:

Most coaching program end after the last session. Dare to Be More participants will receive a 30-day and 60-day follow-up class to ensure that participants stay on track. Accountability is key, and it is also our desire to make sure that you are getting results.

It's time you lived the life you were meant to. At just $795.00, our program will transform and motivate you to move beyond your limiting beliefs and move you into your next level in life!

You are tired of making yourself last.

You are tired of Fake Friends.

You want REAL talk.

You want ideas and strategies.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Millions of people are wishing that they were living a life on the outside based on what they REALLY felt on the inside. Most people wish that they COULD BE their TRUE selves and live lives of greater fulfillment.

This is what I know for sure:


You CAN MAKE Decisions that truly honor your heart.


You CAN make different choices that support you.

You Can Develop a deeper connection with yourself.

You CAN develop partnerships that position you for greater and continued support.

You CAN enjoy being loved and you Can Love!

You can Have that “This IS REALLY ME” Feeling.

You CAN rise and remove the obstacles that are holding you back, so you can live the life you crave


I want to help!

You CAN Join the Dare to Be ME experience!



SharRon Jamison helped me transform my life! By taking one of her online courses I was able to take the deep feelings inside of me and make the changes that my inner self yearned to make. Her teaching style put me at ease, so that I easily accessed the pain caused by trying to live up to the expectations of others. I felt so supported during her course that I have made changes to my primary work situation, started a home business, and feel so good about myself as a woman that I have lost 20 pounds because I now have the confidence to be my best self! I am indebted to SharRon’s enthusiasm and her willingness to share what has enabled her to transform her life so that I can live the life I used to dream of.

Rev. Marie A. Bacchiocchi

Interim Conference Minister

Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ

Atlanta, GA

The words “vital transformation” perfectly describe the results of SharRon's coaching and mastermind programs. As a participant of SharRon's coaching, I have experienced a tremendous transformation that was vital to my overall success. Just as a caterpillar knows it can be a butterfly, I knew I had great potential but, I lacked the skills to manifest it. Enrolling in SharRon's program provided me with the tools to access, assess, heal, love and improve my inner self. The program removed every hindrance (some I struggled with for decades) and expanded my capacity so that I can have the correct mindset and foundation to succeed in life. It lays a foundation that catapults you into your greatness. If you know that you are greater than what your life is showing you, allow SharRon to help you transform to the best highest version of yourself.

Krystle Pierre

SharRon Jamison is masterful when it comes to equipping others to courageously embrace and embody their authenticity. I love her passion and commitment to "owning her awesome" and teaching others to do the same."

-Dr. Vikki Johnson

Healer, Speaker, Author & Creator of SOUL WEALTH

When it comes to Empowerment and Inspired living, SharRon is a true Leader! Her no nonsense approach to releasing the things and people that hold you back in order to Soar Higher than your mind can imagine, is like a therapy session and church all in one! 

SharRon helps those that she serves tap into their personal power and gain a renewed sense of confidence. She is the truth!

Zenovia Andrews

SharRon Jamison is the kind of Mentor that other coaches value. She is wise beyond her years and sincerely humble. I am also honored to participate in projects with her. SharRon has very high standards and that is one of many things I love about her!

Dawn Marie Westernoreland


You want to identify and understand why you keep doing what does NOT work! You don't want to attend a long program, but you want intense, solution-oriented training to shift your life. You want support and expertise - somebody who has been there, done that, got the T-shirt and the hat. You want a training program that honors your time and respects your genius. You want to transition from auto-pilot to activator!

Dare to Be Me is not just a class, it is my life’s passion. For so long, I lived by the society’s rules, religious rules and my friend’s rules, and I was miserable.

I was too scared to question my religious beliefs, I was too afraid to disappoint my family, I was staying tethered to relationships that made me feel as if I had to downplay my genius and my goals. I felt like a shape-shifter and an impostor in my own life.

Yes, I was successful according to society’s standards. I had the corporate job, the company car, the nice title and all the trappings of success. Yet, I didn’t feel at home in my own soul. I felt out of alignment. I felt inauthentic.

But one day, I grew weary. I wanted to be feel better without using food to numb my pain. I no longer wanted to gauge my effectiveness and value by career achievement and bonus checks. I was no longer interested in hustling for love, acceptance and approval.

I wanted, but really craved, a change!

When I got clear about my purpose, I worked fearlessly to create the life that I wanted. I wanted to be an author and so I wrote books. I wanted to be a minister, a more progressive minister who embraced the importance of emotional healing and soul satisfaction, and I got licensed to serve. I wanted to merge my two loves, ministry and mission, and create a successful business that generated the income I needed to assist my elderly parents. I established The Jamison Group.

I devised a plan. Slowly but surely, I challenged paradigms, interrupted bad habits, defied obstacles and revised my thinking. I changed my diet, altered my exercise regimen and adjust my priorities.

My life changed! It was a life over-haul! I now feel totally at home in my soul! I feel like ME, a powerful, vibrant and brilliant ME!

I am over 50 and I feel POWERFUL, BEAUTIFUL and ready to take on the world. I want other women to know that it is NEVER to late to have a new beginning. All they must do is DARE….

Dare to BE ME…… that’s all you need to do for you! DARE and take your rightful place in the world.

Meet Your Instructor...

SharRon Jamison

I have coached amazing people for more than 25 years. I understand the challenge of dealing with life’s trials and tribulations because I lived through many of them. My story is not about getting knocked down; it is a story about getting up again…

And what I also know for sure is that the better you understand, heal and learn from your deep hurts, hidden scars and invisible wounds, the more effectively you can create a life that supports and satisfies you.

That is why I am on this mission. I am inspired to share my path, and I am committed to supporting others as they navigate their own meandering course through this journey called life….

I am committed to helping you Dare To Be You so you can live the life that you were destined to live because I believe a place of greatness awaits when we discover who we are and recognize the power of our potential.

I am here to serve and support you, and you can start today.

SharRon Jamison holds a BA from Hampton University and an MBA from Nova Southeastern University; and is currently pursuing her Masters of Divinity degree at the Interdenominational Center in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a corporate leader in a Fortune 500 company and she currently serves as a minister at the Victory for the World Church in Stone Mountain, Ga.